Print Management

Print Management

So you want your letterhead, brochure or business card to look sharp, cost little and never run out when you really need them  - this is print management.

Print is a necessary evil, every business needs it, so every business also needs print management.

I love what we can do with paper and ink - there are countless colours, effects and processes we can utilise for you, so that you get noticed for all the right reasons. Our Print managers can assist you with this.

Now if your business is booming and the $$$ are rolling in or you have a money tree, then great-go for the doctor, get creative and give your favourite graphic designer open slather. But if you are like most of us in the present economy business is just plain tough. Commercial printing is tough – it’s no different to any other industry .

So when you need a print job for sales, marketing or administration purposes, talk to our print management people. Your print manager can get the best bang for your buck.

Print management can give you the best options available from both an environmental and  economic viewpoint. Printhouse In Nelson uses the most environmentally friendly inks and paper stocks that we can source in New Zealand. In my opinion, most recycled paper options DON’T give you the quality, price or environmental outcomes that you are looking for. You have got to wash post consumer waste paper a lot of times and add lots of chemicals to make it remotely white again!

But hey, that’s our problem not yours. Because after all we know that all you want is your print to be eye-catching, top quality, cheap and delivered yesterday!


No problem – give us a call




Tony Woodall